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I realised it was time to continue the values series. I have not written on them in the order in the GEMSTONE creed but according to inspiration.

Today I would like to share my thoughts on the above value and hear your views an practical ways to imbibe this value with personal experience.

To begin with, what is integrity and honour? I have observed that many organisations use the word integrity as their core value. The question then is does everyone understand the meaning of the word? or is it just a nice to have value?


During my research for this post, I discovered a lovely write-up on living a life of integrity that I would recommend you read too. You can find it here. That blog post kind of echoes my thoughts for this post. But I won’t be lazy. I will still share mine.

There are two definitions of integrity. One is the “quality of being honest and having strong moral principles” while the other is “the state of being whole and undivided”. Integrity is an extremely important attribute which is essential for a successful life. In my own understanding it is simply ensuring daily that my “yes is yes and my no is no”. No compromise.

integrity 2

Is it easy to achieve? Initially no, but it is easier than deception and it has lasting importance and implications for the individual. I have had people favour my cause or choose me because from their experience I would not deceive them. Daily, I strive to be whole and honest because the one I represent is “the Truth”.  Are there temptations to tell an occasional lie? Sure. However, I would rather face the consequences than try to remember the last lie.

Living a life of integrity in my opinion is linked to a life of honour. It is knowing and doing the right thing. If everyone in every relationship, community, workplace did the right thing and not waiver or compromise, our Country will definitely be better for it.


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