Not so picture perfect

I really wish there was someone here to take a picture of my not so picture perfect self right now. But I can help create the image in your mind.


There I lay on the bed, legs folded, hands on my tummy, eyes swollen, laptop at my legs – open but now joined me sleeping.


So what’s the issue and what am I about to rant about?

It’s simple! Girls, Women, Menstrual cramps and productivity. In other technical terms, gender and productivity. I am not about to give excuses for being a woman, but wait a minute, this menstrual cramp is a real deal.

I wouldn’t normally take to writing about something so personal or using it as an example, but as I abandoned work to give my tummy attention, the wheels in my mind went to work. I remembered on October 11, the international day of the girl child, at Badagry, the speaker before me asked the girls if any of them wanted to change their gender and why.

A few of them raised their hands and one of the reasons was – “monthly menstrual cramp”. Then my mind went to the days I worked as a tax consultant and my monthly friend showed up angry (I hope you get the metaphor). Those days, I won’t be really useful at work till about afternoon.

You’ll either see me restless, touching my stomach every minute, walking back and forth. In summary, I was completely unproductive for the better part of the day.

But then the question is, does this make me as a whole, less human or of less value than my male counterparts?

I can’t really determine whether my monthly friend will come in angry or not but I strongly believe as a woman, I should not be judged because of how I am once a month for something out of my control.

I am not saying cut us some slack, or maybe I am.

I am saying cut the stereotype about women in the workplace or girls in school. Yes life cycle affects our performance on those days, but eh (as my Zambian and Namibian sisters would say), we are on top of our games despite it.

You don’t believe me? See I just wrote this article on a whim and with the pain and weak feeling.

Not all females at work or in class would get the chance to call off work because they just are not in the mood, that would be sacrilege but organizations should not make women feel less of themselves or doubt their abilities because they have to be a woman once a month.

So yes, I will get up from my not so picture perfect state and post this for everyone now. Hopefully you get the call to action embedded therein!


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